Licensed Vendors

The George Washington University owns the rights to the logos, marks, and verbiage of its trademarks. In addition, GW controls the use of those marks. GW requires that you use a licensed vendor to ensure product quality and adherence to labor codes. GW fully supports labor codes and is an affiliate of the Workers Rights Consortium, an independent labor rights monitoring organization.

If you have a vendor that you would like added to the list of approved licensed vendors, that vendor must contact IMG College Licensing to obtain a license.

Promotional Merchandise Approved Vendors

If you have merchandise that you intend to use as a giveaway or promotional item (not resale) and need a licensed GW vendor, please select an approved vendor from the Internal Campus Supplier List (PDF). For a complete list of Internal Campus Suppliers or questions regarding other suppliers, please email

Resale/Fundraising Approved Vendors

If you have merchandise that you or your organization intends to sell or use in a fundraiser*, and would like to receive a quote from a licensed vendor through the GW Bookstore, please fill out the Quote Request Form. You may also view a list of approved vendors from the External Campus Supplier List (PDF)For a complete list of External Campus Suppliers or questions regarding other suppliers, please email

If you would like assistance identifying a licensed vendor for your needs and budget, please contact the Licensing and Trademarks Program.

* If you are a student organization and would like to sell merchandise in a fundraiser, please contact CustomInk or Promoversity to setup your custom site.